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Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors - Designing an outside environment takes a special understanding and appreciation of how things work together, grow and compliment each other. In the right combination, plants, beds, walls, patios, buildings and pools (just to name a few) can create a peaceful and beautiful place for your family to enjoy in Baltimore, Maryland or whereever you may live. The Lerch Brothers preach this great philosophy and infuse it into every project. They don’t just see items as separate, but rather, as a unit that has to grow and work together for the short and long term. They would be selling themselves short if they didn’t.

The Lerch philosophy didn’t develop overnight. Since 1995, Tom and John Lerch have been learning and perfecting their craft. And as important as perfection is, it’s the learning that makes the real difference. They learn every day, on every project, with every client. New days bring new challenges and issues that teach them how to better perform their jobs. And it’s this experience that you can expect they will bring to your backyard to make the entire process smooth and successful.

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You've found the right company! Beautiful landscapes and yards start with a vision. And visions are only limited by the understanding of the individuals that create them. John, Tom and their staff of experienced designers and installers have spent of hours in the field. From planting shrubs and ornamental trees to laying patios, concrete and retaining walls, they can get any job done right the first time.

If you are considering an outdoor project for your home in Baltimore, Maryland or the surrounding area, don’t concern yourself with size, details and scope. Leave that to landscapers with experience, vision and great skill. Contact the Lerch Brothers and Tom will come see you personally. It will be the only call you need to make.