Lerch Brothers

Our Landscaping Design & Service History

As just about everyone notices as they arrive on jobsites, the Lerch Brothers DO actually exist. Founded in 1995, brothers John and Tom began experiencing all the wonderful, and not so wonderful, parts of the landscape industry. They started out, as many small companies do, learning the maintenance end of the business. Taking care of yards, beds and general services. From these basic roots that they learned how to put 110% effort and hard work into each job and how to infuse great attention to detail in everything they do.

As the years passed, and the jobs grew in size, their up-and-coming company developed into a full-service Landscape Design and Landscape Installation outfit. While Tom was out meeting, planning and designing great home environments for families across Maryland, John was on the job turning the earth and making each project move quickly and smoothly. As the Lerch Brothers grew, so did the relationship between the brothers, the level of quality and experience and the evolution of their responsibilities. Many times you might see them both on a jobsite, but they know their jobs well. It’s this clear and defined relationship that helps makes them out-perform customers’ expectations.

With every Lerch Brothers job comes great communication, guarantees of quality, assurances of professionalism and a full education of what you should expect—before, during and after. If you’re looking for the best for your home and family, look to their family for great results.


John & Tom Lerch