Structural & Decorative Masonry Repair

Structural & Decorative Masonry Repair

At Lerch Brothers Landscaping, we understand the importance of delivering quality masonry work for commercial and business properties in Maryland to keep your building’s structural integrity and decorative spaces in top shape.

Our family-owned company works to provide dependable exterior maintenance and professional repairs to restore your property’s masonry for a seamless, strengthened, and superior finish.

Our commercial services include:

  • Landscape installations and enhancements
  • Paving
  • Retaining walls
  • Stormwater infrastructure maintenance & repair
  • Stormwater BMP installation
  • And more

Your commercial building says a lot about your business.

Contact Lerch Brothers for professional structural and decorative repairs to restore your property’s masonry. 

Common Commercial Masonry Repairs

Your building’s exterior facade is part of your company’s branding. Bad masonry repairs can detract from the professional image of an established business and lead to further damage to your building.

Our masonry contractors work to deliver repairs that closely match the existing structure to keep your building’s image in line with your professional one.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Enclosing existing window or door openings: Want to permanently close a few windows and doors in your older building for a renewed aesthetic? We’ll professionally seal your door and window openings by matching the existing masonry to create a space that works for you.
  • Replacing damaged block, stone, or bricks: A single damaged block, stone, or brick won’t bring your building down overnight, but it will allow for moisture damage that can lead to structural issues over time. Replacing your broken or damaged masonry ensures each layer in your building’s structure is adequately maintained for long-term support and endurance.
  • Repointing deteriorating mortar joints: While masonry is one of the most effective and enduring methods of extending a building’s life span, it’s also true that mortar joints are susceptible to deterioration. Our masonry contractors can remove old, crumbling mortar from the joints and replace it with new mortar for restored aesthetics and performance.
  • Masonry waterproofing and cleaning: Keeping your commercial property’s masonry looking like new isn’t easy, but we’re up for it. Our masonry cleaning and waterproofing methods can help restore your building’s exterior with professional services to seal and protect your masonry from the elements and moisture. Check if your building’s masonry would benefit from professional waterproofing.

Decorative Masonry Repair

We’ve got you covered when it comes to repairing your commercial decorative masonry fireplace, walkway, or wall. Our masonry experts are experienced in providing seamless restorative repairs for highly trafficked, large-scale business areas.

Lerch Brothers partners with local stone quarries and leading industry distributors to deliver high-quality natural and precast materials to our commercial customers.

Why Choose Lerch Brothers Landscaping?

Since 1995, Tom and John Lerch have worked onsite and behind the scenes to deliver five-star services that meet the Lerch  Brothers standard of work quality.

Their commitment to providing exceptional work on custom and individual commercial projects distinguishes Lerch Brothers from all other masonry companies and makes them the number one resource for all your masonry needs.

Contact Lerch Brothers for all your commercial masonry needs for quality services and artfully crafted masonry repairs.