Fireplaces and Fire pits

Fireplaces and Fire pits

Gaining in popularity are outdoor fire features which can prolong the seasons.  Whether early spring, or late fall, installing an outdoor fire feature can make spending time outdoors so much more inviting, and literally create an outdoor living room you will love.

Get Fired Up

An aesthetic focal point, casting warmth and light into your surroundings, fire features can create ambiance like no other. There has never been a better time to install a fire feature, as many options are available to your individual space and use. Gas or wood burning?  Mediterranean style or traditional?  Lerch Brother’s Landscape Contractors can help you navigate your options, and determine which are best suited for your land and lifestyle.


Want to spend more time with your family outdoors?  A fireplace is the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day and converse with family and friends.  Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors can build the outdoor fireplace of your dreams. Whether stand alone or built to fit into your existing outdoor space, gas, or wood burning, our craftsmen work with all materials to ensure a fireplace you will frequently use for years.

Fire Pits

If you want the big impact of a fire feature, and want an alternative to a fire place, fire pits are a great solution.  Custom designed with your space and use in mind, Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors build the fire pit that’s right for you.   Do you want the ambiance of wood burning, or the convenience of gas?  We can guide you in the right direction.  With many options available, and your custom space, we can help suggest and build the fire feature which is perfect for you.

Lerch Brothers Landscape contractors means peace of mind.  Know your project will be handled with much planning and care to the smallest detail.  We always pull the permits, licenses, and are knowledgeable about your regions ordinances for building.  Our new work is always guaranteed.