Drainage and Waterproofing

Drainage and Waterproofing

These go hand in hand. Many times leaks in your home or basement are a result of poor grading or drainage from your yard outside of your home. Having knowledge in both guarantee your waterproofing solutions are permanent.


Lerch Brother’s Landscape Contractors can create custom drainage solutions for your property, with almost any physical land characteristics. Water movement can help your lawn, or be a completely destructive element to your yard and home.

We understand how to beautifully correct existing erosion and drainage issues with many solutions including but not limited to: surface grading, underground drainage, retaining walls, alternative plantings, dry river beds, french drains, grassed swale or even installing a water feature. Our combined knowledge of soil, land, and plantings can create the custom solution you’ve been seeking for your property.


Hiring a basement waterproofer seems like an option, and it is, however if you don’t correct the land outside of your home, or the reason for the wet basement, you will encounter the same issues again and again.

Hiring a contractor like Lerch Brother’s Landscape means we will get to the root of the problem depending on your home’s characteristics. We have an excavating crew and architects who can collaborate to solve even the toughest waterproofing issues. Once we’ve determined the best exterior grading and drainage solution for your home, we will employ internal strategies in your basement to ensure dry conditions for years to come.

Our work is always guaranteed. We are licensed, bonded and insured and offer a free estimate for almost all waterproofing and drainage projects.