Down the Right Path?

Whether leading to your entranceway, or a meandering pathway to your patio, walkways can be basic or a beautiful aesthetic aspect of your landscape.  Are you considering creating a brand new outdoor hardscape, or fitting in a walkway to your current outdoor style? Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors can create a walkway perfect for your needs.

A Step in the Right Direction

Pavers, blue stone, brick, or cobblestone, we are experienced in all materials and know which would work best for your unique needs and budget.  Form, function and fit, Lerch Brothers will make sure your walkways will be suited for your property, and will stand up to all mother nature will bring.  Investing in quality can add value to your home’s property value.

Based in Baltimore County and serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas, Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors will plan your walkway with your budget and space in mind, and we always offer free estimates, and warranty our work.