Commercial Paving in Baltimore, MD

Commercial Paving in Baltimore, MD

Commercial property owners in Baltimore need to be sure the pavement surrounding their property is beautiful and safe. Whether you’re reducing tripping hazards by cleaning your concrete or creating a new parking lot, Lerch Brothers Landscaping can help.

Baltimore-area property owners have trusted our commercial paving solutions for over 20 years. We offer a broad range of paving options for any project need or budget.

If you need a commercial paver to help with your next project, contact Lerch Brothers to get started. 

Types of Commercial Paving Solutions We Offer

From walkways to parking lots, pavilions, and stairways, our team can tackle any paving project your commercial property may need.

We offer several different types of commercial paving options to suit your specific style, budget, and functional needs:

  • Concrete: Long-lasting and easy to maintain, our concrete paving solutions are ideal for many different types of commercial paving projects.
  • Asphalt: Our asphalt paving solutions are safe, smooth, and 100% recyclable, making them great for your commercial paving needs.
  • Pavers: Pavers are sturdy, stable, and affordable, offering a cost-effective solution for commercial paving projects.
  • Brick & stone: Offering exceptional resistance to cracking and breaking, brick and stone pavers last longer than any other paving solution.
  • Permeable options: Permissive pavers are great for commercial properties with runoff concerns and are designed to trap and slowly release water into the ground.

Our team carefully assesses each client’s needs to determine the best paving solution for their commercial space. We offer complimentary paving designs and estimates as part of our custom consultation process to provide the most accurate quote.

Lerch Brothers is the team you can trust when you need a commercial paving company in Baltimore.

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Why Choose Lerch Brothers for Commercial Paving?

Lerch Brothers has proudly served Baltimore-area commercial property owners for over 20 years. We work closely with each client to bring their exact vision to life while respecting their project timeline and budget.

Being deeply familiar with the surrounding area, we have a unique understanding of commercial paving solutions that endure in the local climate.

Request a commercial paving quote for your Baltimore-area property by contacting our team today.