Pavilions & Pergolas

Pavilions & Pergolas

Outdoor living can be much improved by just adding a roof over your head.  Extending the time you can spend outdoors, outdoor structures are not only beautiful, functional, but also add value to your property.

Imagine yourself outside this summer, on your patio enjoying a beautiful evening, and some showers appear.  Not needing to move your experience inside, you can choose to remain dry, still undercover, and still enjoying the outdoors.

At Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors, our team of Landscape Architects, carpentry craftsmen and installers, can create the outdoor room, pavilion, or pergola of your dreams.

It Starts With You

First we offer a custom consultation discussing your home, space, and inspiration.   With your lifestyle in mind, we offer complementary plans, designs, and estimates for your outdoor structure.

We Can Help

We are adept at working with all types of materials, natural stones, brick, pavers, concrete, wood, wrought iron, and more, ensuring your hardscape and structure is one of a kind, and fulfilling your vision of backyard function and design.

We communicate with you from start to finish to ensure your vision and dream is fulfilled.  All of our projects are guaranteed and we want you to enjoy your space for life.