3 Steps for Adding Trees to Your Landscape

Posted on: April 1, 2013

It’s spring – the time of the year when we shake off winter melancholia and get re-inspired by the warm weather, sunshine and the nature’s revival. Spring is also a great time to assess the state of your landscape and change up some of the vegetation.

While selecting and planting bushes and flowers is a relatively easy task, trees require more research and commitment. Lerch Brothers, Maryland landscape architects, are here today to help you figure out how to add trees to your existing landscape.

How your landscape could benefit from trees

Shade is essential for summer outdoor activities. Trees can help you create a shaded patio or a secluded reading area where you can relax with your book and a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

Beauty and character are some of the things a tree can add to your landscape. A tree that blooms in the spring will fill your yard with a pleasant aroma and is just a delight to look at.

Privacy is another factor trees can help you with, especially during the summer when the leaves can completely block your home from view.

Water absorption. Do you have a soggy yard that turns into a pond every time it rains? A right tree can help solve this problem.

Increased property value is something else to think about. Many home buyers are looking for a home with trees in the yard for the same reasons we just mentioned: shade, beauty and privacy. Trees can be added after the purchase, of course, but they will need time to grow. If you plan on selling the house at some point, it’s a good idea to plant a few trees to get out more out of your property in the future.

Which tree should I get?

There are hundreds of options when it comes to adding trees to your Maryland landscape. Your search for the right tree should start with determining the purpose. Do you want shade, privacy, beauty or maybe everything at once? An apple tree has beautiful flowers and aroma, but it doesn’t grow tall and dense enough to provide sufficient privacy.

Set your priorities and decide what is the most important goal you want to achieve by planting trees. Our Maryland landscaping professionals will be happy to help you select the right tree species that will help you complete your yard and will do great in your climate zone.

Location. Location. Location.

Picking the right spot is essential when it comes to planting trees. There are a lot of factors that go into consideration, such as the tree’s mature size, its shade tolerance, proximity to your home and other trees, how fast it grows, etc.

Here are the basic rules of how to choose a great spot for your new tree

  • Make sure no utilities (sewer pipes or electrical cables) run under or above the tree.
  • Don’t plant trees with extensive root systems too close to home, as they can damage foundation and underground utilities.
  • Don’t plant large trees, such as oaks and maples, next to a driveway, because when they get old, you’ll be at risk of heavy branches (and even entire trees) falling on your car.
  • If you have a pool, avoid planting trees that drop leaves next to it, or you would have to clean it more often than usual.

We recommend calling your local Baltimore landscapers to help you select, plant and care for the new trees in your yard. Trees seem big and strong, but when planted in a wrong spot or inadequately cared for during the first few years, they can die. Not only would it be disappointing, but it could also be expensive. Contact us and we’ll help you get it right the first time!