Liven Up Your Maryland Landscape with Outdoor Garden Structures

Posted on: May 15, 2013

An outdoor structure is a very broad term that is used to refer to dozens of different wooden, stone and other types of structures. Lerch Brothers Landscape Contractors have experience building all of them, and we are here today to help you choose the right structure for your landscape.

What can an outdoor structure do for you?

  • Provide additional hangout, relaxation, entertainment, cooking or other designated space
  • Introduce a point of interest in your Maryland landscape design
  • Expand your living space
  • Offer shade, privacy and protection from insects


Pergola is an open structure with nothing but four (or more) vertical support beams (columns) and a semi-open roof. For better shading, a roof or sides can be covered with lattice to accommodate climbing plants. A pergola makes for a perfect outdoor dining or sitting area. The ceiling beams can be used to hang a fan, a chandelier, lanterns or other types of lights to add ambiance at night. A swinging bench is also easy to install in a pergola.


The term arbor is often used to describe a pergola and vice versa. These two structures are very similar, but there is at least one key difference between them: size! An arbor is a much smaller structure and is typically used to serve as a support for climbing plants, divide space and create accents. A bench or a swing is often placed inside an arbor thus making for a comfy reading spot.


A gazebo can be as big and as elaborate as you want it to be. It has a solid roof, which makes it functional even on rainy days. Use it for dining, sitting, entertaining or relaxing. It’s easy to install screens to create a completely insect-free environment without losing the airy feel.

A screen room

A screen room is exactly what it is – a room where the walls are replaced by screens. It can be attached to your house or completely detached and placed anywhere in your yard. A screen room has a variety of uses from alfresco dining to gardening and taking cozy mid-summer naps while enjoying a cool breeze.

Entrance structures and pathway arches

A custom entrance structure with an actual door can add charm and character to your landscape. Use it to mark an entrance to a garden, your outdoor kitchen or some other area in your yard. Add trellis arches across the pathway to show off your climbing plants and create a fairy tale feel.

Outdoor pavilion

An outdoor pavilion is typically a large tent-like structure with a roof and open walls. While pergolas and gazebos can be used for anything, a pavilion is usually designed with a specific goal: to protect a siting/entertainment area, provide a covered space for large family gatherings or parties, etc. A pavilion can even be built around an outdoor fireplace to create a cozy late night hangout area.


A greenhouse can be a place where you work on your plants, grow your herb garden or where you come to unwind and forget about the troubles. Our Baltimore landscapers can build a greenhouse of any dimensions to suit your gardening hobby. It’s nice to have a designated place for starting seeds in the spring, replanting houseplants and storing all the gardening supplies – things you probably used to do in your basement, kitchen or on the porch.

Outdoor shower

Nothing is more refreshing than a nice cold shower after a sweaty outdoor workout session, a long day in the garden or in the midst of the summer heat wave. An outdoor shower with an adjacent changing room could be just what you need. It also makes rinsing after pool super fast and easy.

These are just some of the outdoor structures our Baltimore landscapers can design and build in your yard. But don’t feel limited by these choices. Work with your Maryland landscape contractors to develop customized garden structures to fit your specific needs. If you can imagine it – we can build it!